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Imagine waking up to the world’s nicest commute. A leisurely stroll through the garden to your very own peaceful, cosy log cabin. Complete with double glazing, wall-mounted heating, your full work-from-home setup, (maybe even a TV, radio and mini-fridge), and all you need to make that first hot drink of the day, right there in your brand-new garden office.

Sitting comfy at your desk now, picture the view from inside your new log cabin. Perfectly lit with tons of natural daylight. Maybe you’re watching the autumn leaves drifting down in the garden, or maybe it’s raining, or snowing, or the sun’s shining bright.

All that hectic traffic noise and office chatter, replaced by birdsong and pure silence. Nothing to sap your concentration; your attention solely focussed on doing your very best work. With your favourite music playing in the background while you get started.

Imagine this is your working life from now on. The very definition of work-life balance, giving you the absolute best of both worlds.

A snug, beautiful, professional log cabin for you to work in peaceful solitude, with all the comfort and convenience of the home right there, just across your garden. Giving you all the time in the world to spend with your loved ones… along with all the space and silence, you’ll need each day, to really focus on building your career.

And if that sounds good, let’s make it even better. Creating your own custom log cabin to work from home has never been easier – or more affordable. And you’ve come to just the right place to make it happen.

Welcome to the Cabin Store

The Cabin Store create standard and bespoke log cabins in any size, to suit any budget.

Whether it’s the super-compact 2.2m² Venice from just £1,470, right up to the super-sized Modena XL measuring in at 8.4 x 3.2m from £12,075, we have a vast range of professional-quality log cabins to suit your needs; all expertly installed to create your unique work-from-home office.

You’re also totally free to work with us on creating your very own custom log cabin design – with a great choice of optional extras like pent or apex roof styles, additional insulation fittings, and even double-glazed folding doors.

With so much change in the working landscape right now, a rock-solid refuge to work from home could be the perfect way to refresh your workdays – or make a fantastic kick-start to your new career. Whatever you need to create your dream log cabin, we’re here to help.

Get your perfect log cabin today

You can click here to browse our full range of cosy, professional log cabins – or just get in touch and discuss your needs with our expert team.

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