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Everyone needs someplace to retreat to from time to time for quiet and relaxation. If you have a wooden shed in your back garden that you don’t use that much for storage, consider turning it into a private getaway instead of letting that space go to waste.

Turning a shed into a private getaway

Usually, sheds are associated with men “Man Shed” yet a woman might want to get away on her own for a while, away from the kids for some alone time, or even a glass of wine and munchies!

Preparing The Shed

First, you’ll need to clean all the junk out of your shed and fins somewhere else to store it.

Sweep the floor, clean any stains, and make sure that the roof is still in good shape and doesn’t have any leaks. Once you have a blank canvas to work with, you can start setting up your retreat.

Decorating Your Shed

Give the interior a lick of paint to brighten it up, you could do a theme and base it on a beach hut and imagine you’re by the sea.

Put a few pictures and mirrors up around the walls to make it look homely. If the shed is small, a mirror will give the illusion of space.

Find a lovely soft rug to place on the floor. This way, you’ll have a soft cushion under your feet. Having something on the floor of the shed will also keep the area warmer when the temperatures drop.

Next, you’ll need to decide on furniture, which will depend on your budget and the size of your shed. Place one or two comfortable outdoor chairs inside the structure and include thick cushions on each seat and back.

You could use the *old fashioned deck chairs if you’re going for a seaside theme. If you have the room why not try a lounger?

Put a small wooden or metal table next to your chair, so you’ll have a spot to set a drink and a snack. You can also purchase a short plastic table – the ones that you’ll find in almost any store alongside the outdoor chairs – then tie a thin cushion on top, and it will work fabulously as a footstool.

Now, you’ve almost completed your task. You merely need to add a few more touches to make your shed as comfortable and functional as possible.


For lighting, you won’t need electricity. You can simply use camping lanterns that run on batteries. Also, battery-operated fans will help keep you cool in warm temperatures.

Install some hooks on the wall where you can hang a coat or sweater or even a broom for a quick sweep if something blows inside the space. In one or more corners, place a plastic or metal cabinet.

You can store extra batteries, water bottles, and non-perishable snacks here. You can also keep books, crossword puzzles, magazines, even music CDs and a player in the drawers, so you can grab what you want while you’re out there.

Lastly invest in a bolt on the door so that nobody can disturb you by barging in!

With a private getaway all your own, you can escape to a place of solitude whenever you need. Put aside your stress and problems, take a relaxing nap in your retreat, or read a real book you know the type that you hold in your hands, instead of staring at an electronic screen which we all do far too much these days. You’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel.

If you don’t have a shed why not build your own? Take a look at these *shed building ideas and plans showing you how to build, or you can grab these *5 free shed building plans right here.

Usually, sheds are associated with men "Man Shed" yet a woman might want to get away on her own for a while, away from the kids for some alone time, or even a glass of wine and munchies!