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When it comes to your decor, it is remarkable how little choices such as lamp shades can make all the difference. Not only is lighting an effective way to alter the mood in a space, but it is also a simple and affordable way to refresh a room. Choosing a perfect lamp shade is a crucial step in creating a beautiful and livable home. From floor lamps that grace your favourite reading chair to pendant lamp shade fixtures on your dining room table, here are five tips to help you choose the right lamp shade for your room.

Tips for Picking the Right Lamp Shade for Your Room

Choose A Lamp Shade That Compliments the Room Colours

When it comes to choosing lamp shade colours, your bedroom, living room, and any space that requires illumination should be viewed as a whole. Choose bold colours that will stand out amongst other decorations if you want your lights to be the focal point of the room. For a more elusive approach, use neutral tones in lamp shade colours.

Choose the Right Lamp Shade Shape

If it is your first time buying a lamp shade or you are considering replacing your current one for another, take into account the various shapes available on the market. Most lamp manufacturers can assist you in selecting the right one by choosing a base, and they’ll give suggestions of what shape will fit best.

Choose A Pendant Lamp Shade That Compliments the Room

Over the years, pendant lamp shades have come a long way to play a significant role in interior design. There has been a return of dynamic colours, large print, and wide profile lamp shades reminiscent of the ’70s and ’80s when large graphics and colour was huge in design. Bring these elements into your dining room and make sure your *dining table mimics the same style to complement the fixture.

Determine How Your Lamp Shade Will Fit in Your Interiors

Before concentrating too much on the lamp appearance, do not forget to look at the space, it is supposed to fit in. A floor lamp next to a wing-back chair could need a broader profile for its placement in your living room. While a bedside table lamp shade may afford a smaller space if a bedside table is small or if there is not enough space to get in and out of bed freely.

Make A Statement with Your Lamp Shades or None at All

When searching for the right lamp shade, also look to your room and determine if you would prefer your lamp to blend into the surrounding decor or would like to make a statement. Complimenting fabrics and colours used on furniture can be the inspiration for lamp shades that share the same color palettes, such as throw pillows, accent rugs, wallpaper, and textiles.

Remember to vary your lamp heights to make the room more appealing. To make your living room feel cosy and relaxing, compliment table lamps with a floor lamp next to your couch. Lamps with an adjustable head can be pointed towards a feature in your room that you want to highlight or aimed away from your eyes while watching TV.

When it comes to your decor, it is remarkable how little choices such as lamp shades can make all the difference.
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