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The Great Lakes are an extremely important part of North American geography. The easternmost Great Lake, Lake Ontario, has played a major in the history of both the United States and Canada. In fact, Canada’s province Ontario was even named after the lake due to its significance.

Today Lake Ontario is a very popular destination, especially among those looking for a nice relaxing day by the water. There also are a lot of amazing attractions that have popped up around this massive lake. If you just closed on Halton real estate and are looking to explore the entirety of Lake Ontario, what can you look forward to? Here are some great things to do around Lake Ontario. 

Things to Do Around Lake Ontario

Toronto Islands

Located just off the coast of Toronto, the Toronto Islands can be a fantastic way to spend a day near Lake Ontario. The Toronto Islands are a truly unique location, and they have something for just about everybody to enjoy.

At the Toronto Islands, you can enjoy typical activities like boating and swimming, but there are also a wide variety of other amenities. For example, the Toronto Islands is home to an amusement park, Diss golf courses and tennis courts. If you want to escape the bustle of Toronto and have some lake fun, the Toronto Islands can be a fantastic place to visit. 

Darlington Provincial Park

If camping the lake is something you’re interested in, Darlington Provincial Park may be the Lake Ontario destination for you. The park is known for family-friendly campgrounds, allowing the family to enjoy a lakeside camping trip.

Additionally, the park has other amenities such as picnic grounds and other facilities. The park’s main claim to fame, however, is during the migration of the monarch butterflies. As the butterflies fly south towards Mexico, many butterflies stop around the park and are tagged by scientists.

This event is perfect for young children to get up close to wildlife and learn more about them, something the park does very well with great educational programs. Darlington Provincial Park is great for family fun, and your family should definitely consider visiting.

Golden Hill State Park

On the American side of Lake Ontario, Golden Hill State Park can be found nestled in the northern portion of New York. Originally well-known for the “Thirty Mile Lighthouse” that has stood tall for many years, the park was acquired by New York state in 1962.

Today the park still houses its famous lighthouse for tourists to visit, but there are also many other attractions as well. Golden Hill State Park has many trails in it, meaning that hikes and picnics by the lake can be a common occurrence.

In addition, here you can enjoy all of the typical lake activities such as fishing and boating. If you really want to splurge, you can rent the Lighthouse Cottage a luxury accommodation with a beautiful view of Lake Ontario.

If you want a unique Lake Ontario destination that’s stateside, you should consider checking out Golden Hill State Park. 

Bay of Quinte

Another absolutely fantastic destination that you can visit on Lake Ontario is the Bay of Quinte. This location has everything you’d want out of a lake destination, allowing you to enjoy nature and relax by the water.

Here you can engage in all sorts of water activities like fishing, paddling, and boarding, giving you a classic lake day. However, there’s also a lot more to enjoy in the Bay.

The area is known to have some amazing breweries and restaurants, allowing you to enjoy some great food and drink while by the lake.

Lastly, the Bay of Quinte has lots of other attractions such as museums, hiking trails, and golf courses for you to enjoy, meaning that you don’t have to spend the entire time on the water.

If you want a Lake Ontario location that can give you the classic lake experience, this is a fantastic place to check out.

Places To Stay Near Lake Ontario

TownePlace Suites Oshawa – TownePlace Suites Oshawa is located 3.2 km from the shores of Lake Ontario and 14 km from Oshawa Zoo.

Lyndonville House – Holiday home with fire pit and screened-in patio! 8.7 miles from Toronto Islands.

Things to Do Around Lake Ontario
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