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The following advice will show you how to deregister your child from school if you live in England and want to home educate. It’s is a really simple process and can be done by email. I’d recommend sending a copy by post as well and insist on a receipt as confirmation that your child has been deregistered so that you know the letter has been received and it’s all been done as it should be.

Please use the example below as a template and edit to suit your circumstances.

How to Deregister Your Child from School

Deregistration Example

School Name

Your Name



I/we have decided to withdraw my/our child from school, as I/we have made other arrangements for her/his education.

Please delete her/his name from the register with immediate effect in accordance with Education (Pupil Registration) Regulation 8(1)(d) 2006, as he/she is now receiving education otherwise than that provided at school.

I/we will ensure that my/our son/daughter is provided with an efficient full-time education suitable to his/her age, ability, aptitude and to any special educational needs.

I/we would be grateful if you could please confirm that you have received this email and that you have taken INSERT CHILD’S NAME off the register on INSERT DATE HERE.

A letter has also been sent in the post. I/we would also appreciate written confirmation to the address above.

With thanks for your time and best wishes.


YOUR NAME, mother/father of CHILD’S NAME and YEAR GROUP.

Myths and Facts About Deregistration

You can take your child out of school at any time and you are not obliged to give any notice.

Once you have emailed or given the letter to the school, the school must remove any children’s names immediately, then they pass on the information to the local authority. You do not have to chase this up!

Some schools may try to persuade you that it is a bad idea or say it’s illegal but it is perfectly legal to educate your children at home and it will not harm your child’s development if they try to tell you that.

They may invite you for a meeting to discuss your decision, you are under no obligation to attend, so don’t feel pressured to do so. It may be that they do not understand or even know the law regarding deregistration.

If the school refuses it is they who are breaking the law, you have fulfilled your legal duty.

For helpful support from other home educating parents, I suggest joining some Home Education Facebook Support Groups.

How to Deregister Your Child from School .
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