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To make a well-designed house more relaxing and comfortable, very little effort is needed. Many houses are built with a heating system, even if it’s just a traditional fireplace that burns wood. Home heating systems will often make or break the deal when buying a home. Here we’re going to specify some heating systems which you can have in your house.

How to Choose the Best Heating System for Your House

Floor Heat & Radiant Ceiling

Almost in the same way as the sun does, radiant heating systems warm the floors or ceilings, electric radiant elements are designed and installed.

Blowers are not used. Each area does have a dial control similar to those run by baseboard heating units in some cases.

Heating components may also be installed in walls, but that placement is not so common.

Another form of radiant heat is ‘Hydronic heating,’ where hot water flows through tubes under the floor or through units. It resembles baseboard heaters.

Under floor heating

In ceilings, a hydronic device could be installed which is often used in driveways beneath the pavement to prevent snow and ice accumulation.

Electric Heat Pump

An electric heat pump works by shifting heat from one position to another in your building or house. During warm seasons, these heat pumps might act as air conditioners too.

Heat pumps remove heat from the air above, from the atmosphere or surface water, or from the ground. If required, the air is heated up further by the machine and then distributed through the building of the house. Similar to those, used by forced air furnaces you can see filters and metal vents. The heating system might be similar in appearance but may also have air conditioning controls. The outdoor unit normally specifies “heat pump” on the name.

Space Heating System

Generally, space heaters heat only the room or place where the space heater is located. Choosing whether to heat your whole house or just the rooms or spaces needed has a significant impact on your home’s greenhouse effect.

Greenhouse emissions and operating costs are typically less running an effective space heating than in a house with central heating.

Use space heating for an energy-efficient house only in rooms that need heating, or use a zoned central heater to minimize the operational costs. They just heat the rooms that are in use.

Central Heating

As more of the house needs to be heated, central heating typically consumes more electricity than space heating.

*Energy-efficient central heating in a house can, however, use less energy than an inefficient space-heating house. There are several forms of central heating available.

Many central heaters, normally by ducts or hot water tubing, have a greater energy loss from the heat delivery systems. They should be as short and well-insulated as possible. It can also be expensive for fans and pumps to run. Transmission losses may be the key contributor to heating costs where heating needs are not high.

Which heating system would be your best choice?

Whether you’re thinking of upgrading your home heating system or simply just need some repairs, it’s best to get in touch with a skilled professional such as Idaho Heating & Air (US based) or *EDF (UK based) providing an experienced service to keep your home and wallet happy.

It also depends on how your home is built, what you’re able to afford and what you want.

For example, whether you are constructing an extension or are installing a new heating system of your house, you may find that running a new heating system to various areas of your home may not be feasible.

If this is the case, for summertime ventilation, you may need some sort of baseboard system combined with a ductless mini system.

And while it has been claimed that forced air systems stir up allergens, they do a much more effective job of cleansing contaminants from the air in the entire household when they are fitted with HEPA air filtration.

How to choose the best heating system for your house.
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