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If you’re wanting to homeschool there are some great home education Facebook support groups that can help you find resources for educating your children while providing moral support.

Some groups have been set up during the COVID19 Pandemic for parents who wish to remove their children from school to avoid fines and those who are in two minds on what to do.

Home Education Facebook Support Groups

Some groups won’t allow members if they are only thinking of temporarily home educating their children because the groups are for people who home educate on a permanent basis.

Whatever you choose to do for your family, see below for a list of home education Facebook support groups that you may find helpful. These are groups that I know of or I have joined myself.

Boycott Return To Unsafe Schools – Schools Reopening UK :

If you’re a concerned parent or member of staff at school this group is ideal for you if you don’t feel confident about the return to school.

This group has a mix of non-judgemental people, some have sent their children back to school because they feel they have no choice and others have deregistered their children to avoid fines and are now home educating.


Ed 2 BRTUS is a support group for parents who previously may have relied on support from their school during the lockdown and are now in need of educational resources because schools do not support distance learning with the kids being back at school.

Pandemic Home Education Group

This group is for UK parents and educators. It is intended to support parents and carers who have taken their children out of school and also for those considering to do so because of Covid-19

Home Education UK

This group provides home educators and anyone seriously thinking of home educating their children in the UK.

Educational Freedom

A group for all home educators across the UK to chat and get information and support.

Netmums Home Education Support Group

If you wish to join this group you will either need to either private message an admin or know a member of the group to be accepted. It’s run by the people who run the website Netmums. All styles of home education are acceptable within the group.

UK Home Education Group

This group is for long-term home educators and you will need to contact an admin to join as during the pandemic they are not accepting people who will temporarily be home educating. They have however set up a temporary group especially for this, you can find it here and it’s called Temporary Home Education Families.

As I come across more groups I’ll be adding them to this post. Happy homeschooling!

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