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Many parents are considering home education or have already deregistered their children due to fears of safety returning back to school this September.

I’m one of those parents who is on the fence, do I risk sending my child back, do I keep her off school and face a fine or do I deregister?

To Home Educate or Not?

Information Overload

Looking online, there is a minefield of information with free resources and paid courses, and it’s challenging for parent’s to know where to start.

I aim to find useful information and resources both free and paid for UK parents and add them to this blog for your reference.

I work from home myself and to home educate I really need to be guided and want my daughter to have regular lessons scheduled for her so that I can continue my work as a blogger.

Do You have to follow the National Curriculum?

You don’t have to follow the national curriculum as some people think, although, parents often want to do this because they don’t want to feel their children are missing out or they may want to send their children back to school once they feel schools are safer during this current pandemic.

Whatever you decide to do I wish you luck and hope that some of the information I’ll be gathering on this site will be of use to you with your child’s studies whether at home or school.

Please bookmark this site and visit regularly to see the latest information added.

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