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Sometimes there’s a national crisis. Sometimes you get snowed in. Sometimes, everyone catches a cold at the same time. Whatever the reason, there is always going to be a time in your life when you have to spend a few days or more cooped up with your entire household.

Smart Light Bulbs

Suddenly the coffee pot is on twenty times a day, and the television is never off. How do you keep everyone happy, entertained, and warm, without your energy bills shooting through the roof?

  1. Consider installing smart bulbs

*Smart light bulbs are wi-fi enabled lights that be connected to an application on your cellphone, linked to your existing home assistant, or even both!

Smart bulbs can be switched off and on with a verbal command or by tapping a control within the app. Some can even be set on a timer – great for kids’ bedtimes, or for simply ensuring the lights don’t get left on all night.

  1. Reduce the thermostat temperature

When the house has more than two people in it for any length of time, you should notice that it becomes considerably warmer. Also, if you’re cooking more regularly and have more electric devices on, this also generates a surprising amount of heat.

Try reducing the heating thermostat’s temperature by a couple of degrees to make the house more comfortable and to save money.

  1. Get everyone in the back garden

Not everyone is lucky to have a garden, but if you do, try and make good use of it. Whenever the weather picks up, it’s time to get everyone to put their screens down and head outside.

Pick a game or sport that the whole family loves like Swingball which is great because you don’t lose the ball over the fence! And make sure all the lights and devices are off before you go outside to maximize the energy savings.

  1. Make the most of any sunshine

Great weather isn’t just good for you and the family. It’s great for drying laundry, too. Give your dryer a much-needed break, and save a few pounds at the same time.

  1. Get your insulation checked

Is your roof insulated? That’s where about 25% of the heat generated in your home escapes to. A further 35% can escape via the walls, so cavity wall insulation is a great way to save money and energy too.

Saving energy is better for the environment, and it’s better for your purse. Save your money for all that online shopping you’ll do while you’re stuck at home, instead!

Five Ways to Save Energy when Stuck at Home
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