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For a great life at home, find home improvement and gardening tips, recipes and home education advice for anyone wanting to homeschool their children.

How To Make Garlic Hummus

Garlic hummus dip

This easy recipe shows you how to make garlic hummus. The garlic can be roasted beforehand, or if you’re short on time, raw garlic can be used. Time-Saving Tip: If you’d like to use roasted garlic, roast it in advance while preparing other roasted vegetables or dishes in the oven. Roasted garlic can be stored […]

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Are Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Any Good?

Are Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Worthwhile or Should You Still Clean by Hand?

Robotic vacuums have been around for several years now. There are many brands available, and they have become common in shops and online. Are *robotic vacuum cleaners any good? Should you stick with a traditional vacuum instead or have both? Their behaviour and technology have seen improvements over the years, read on to find out […]

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