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Selling your home shouldn’t be pure stress.  Unfortunately, between finding buyers, hiring an agent, paying for and staging your home, and dealing with bad offers, you can start to feel run down pretty quickly.  There’s no reason why selling a piece of your property should feel like a full-time job.  Here are five of the best ways to take some of this trouble off your shoulders and get your home quickly sold.

5 Ways to Make Selling a Home Less Stressful

Hire Someone Else To Stage

Staging is a lot of work, and although you may love interior design, you shouldn’t try to make your home everything someone else could want.  Hire professional stagers who can step in, take care of your property, and ensure that you’ll be ready to move on to a sale.  Not only do well-staged homes sell faster, but you can also add a lot more value, which is going to bring your stress levels right back down.

Hire An Agent You Trust

It would help if you had someone on your team who you know will not ruin your chances at a good sale.  This means putting in the time to spread word of mouth to those you know that you’re looking for an agent.  From here, interview your top selections and then pick an agent that you are excited to work with.  You may think which agent you choose doesn’t matter, but it does!  Not only are some agents a lot less experienced, but others may also have a fee that’s twice the price of the average! Try a fixed fee estate agent so that you know what to expect.

Make Home Showings Two Days A Week Only

Although you might assume that having more openings for home showings will allow you to get more buyers in, it just means that your home has strange hours, and it’s hard to keep track of who has been there and when.  Work out two days, one during the week and one during the weekend, when your agent can show people around the property.  This plan will allow you to clean up and freshen the house especially for those days and keep surprises and schedule mishaps out of the way.

Take Time for Self Care

Although selling a house isn’t your full-time job, there’s no doubt that it will eventually start to feel like it is.  Set aside time for yourself every day where you’ll get to enjoy having time to yourself and decompressing.  This self-care could mean playing soft music and taking a long relaxing bubble bath, or it could mean that you hit the gym extra a couple of days a week to work out stress.  Whatever kind of stress relief works for you should be fully taken advantage of during this time.

Figure Out Finances Ahead of Time

There’s no reason to let yourself get caught off guard by any costs or fees.  Work with your agent and a useful seller closing costs calculator, and find out how much you can expect to pay.  Some things will be a variable still; for instance, if you take a lower offer, your agent’s fee will also be lower, but you can plan for most costs and expenses.  Once you get that scary math out of the way, you should be able to conquer anything.

5 Ways to Make Selling a Home Less Stressful