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Potty training can be an extremely draining experience for parents. Even when a child begins to show signs they are ready to be trained, it can still take quite a bit of patience and dedication. Fortunately, there are ways to make the process less daunting!

5 Tips for Potty Training Your Toddler

1 Ditch the Nappies

Wearing a nappy can easily confuse a toddler who is in the midst of potty training. Toddlers are so used to relieving themselves in their diapers that they don’t even give the action a second thought. They just let it go! Allowing your child to wear a nappy while potty training will make the process much more difficult because they will subconsciously keep using their nappy as a toilet.

By simply letting them go about their day with a bare bottom, they will eventually catch on that nothing is going to be there to catch their “accidents.”

2 Go to the Potty Frequently

It’s important to take your child to the potty frequently, even if they insist that they do not need to go. You may even need to take them as often as every fifteen to thirty minutes. Consistency is the key. Be sure to let them sit for a bit on the potty and allow them time to go. Offer plenty of encouragement. It can be helpful to offer them a book or an interactive toy while they wait.

3 Offer Plenty of Praise

When your child finally goes to the toilet in the potty, it is important to shower them with plenty of praise. You want your child to realize that this is what they are supposed to. You want to make them excited to use the potty! Children crave this type of encouragement from their parents. Toddlers will repeat behaviours that solicit such praise – like going to the toilet in the grown-up potty.

4 Reward Your Toddler

Another great way to encourage your child to use the potty is to offer some fun rewards whenever they go. Small toys, stickers, and sweets are all excellent options. If your child knows they will be rewarded for using the potty, they will be more likely to continue the behaviour.

5 Accidents Happen

Accidents will happen. It is important not to shout or punish your child for having an accident. Chastising your toddler for having an accident may backfire. They will begin to view potty training as a negative experience and may start to resist.

They may also try to hide the mess if they have an accident, fearing that they will be punished. Don’t react if your child has an accident. Simply clean up the mess and try again.

Potty training a toddler can be exhausting, but the tips above can help to make the process run smoothly. Make sure to be consistent and offer plenty of praise and rewards. If all else fails, take a break and wait a bit longer before making another attempt. Children develop at different rates, and some simply take longer to develop an interest in potty-training.

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5 Tips for Potty Training Your Toddler
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